One small positive thought can change your whole day :)
One small positive thought can change your whole day :)
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Reusable Rounds
Luna + Leigh

Reusable Rounds

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Use these hyper-effective rounds to remove any makeup or apply toner. Organic bamboo cotton is gentle on your skin and the environment.

Consciously created from organic bamboo cotton, these soft rounds are gentle on your skin and on the environment by replacing your toss-away cotton rounds. Perfect for removing makeup or applying your favourite toner, just pop them in the wash to reuse them again and again. We love the black colour so they won’t get stained. Your skin will feel good and your conscious will too

Why Reusable?
In an industry that relies so heavily on single-use items, we are striving to curate easy
replacements that make a difference.

Includes: Plastic-free recyclable packaging, machine washable friendly bag & x10 Cotton Rounds

  • Machine Washable
  • Soft & Gentle for the Eyes
  • Made from Bamboo
  • Saves 1,000’s of pads from the landfill

Skin Type: Any

How Often: Whenever you need to clean your face

  • Step 1 - Apply Cleansing Balm to Cotton Round and gently massage onto eyes or skin
  • Step 2 - For best results, wash between each use, dry flat and allow it to air dry
  • Step 3 - Use again and again!