One small positive thought can change your whole day :)
One small positive thought can change your whole day :)
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Coco Collection Candles
Coco Collection Candles
Coco Collection Candles
Coco Collection Candles
Coco Collection Candles
Coco Collection Candles
Coco Collection Candles
Coco Collection Candles
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Coco Collection Candles

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For a bit of fun we've produced a limited edition coconut wax candle with a new style and some new scents!

Like soy, coconut wax is completely non-toxic and easy on the environment too. It burns nice and slow, giving you hours of natural fragrance. 

For reference, the coco collection candles are 13 ounces - and poured into a special glass container for a new look. They also come with a dual cotton ribbon wick which provides a beautiful bright flame. 

When your candle comes to an end, the jar is a perfect addition for a multitude of storage purposes, & the classy cork lid completes the look

*These burn a bit differently than soy wax candles so have a look at the burning tips at the bottom of the page. 

Why Coco Collection:

  • Coconut wax is eco-friendly, slow burning & provides a nice scent throw with essential oils
  • Elegant & unique glass container looks great in your home, & great for reuse
  • Dual Cotton ribbon wick provides a bright & wide flame
  • Cork Lid 
  • Very limited edition run - enjoy while supplies last


CITRUS SUNRISE - Summer mornings come to life with sultry citrus top notes of grapefruit, middle notes of mandarin blossom that end on a sweet balsamic berry and vanilla note

SUMMER ORCHARD - Let the scent of fruit orchards fill your home all season long. Refreshing top notes of lemongrass, tangerine peel, and peach melange blend together with delicate floral notes of wisteria, heliotrope, rose, and geranium that sit on a base of tonka and white woods.

LEMON MINT LEAF - Uplift your senses with this scent, perfect for Spring! Aromatic notes of lemon myrtle, verbena along with cypress and sage finish off on a base of freshly picked garden mint.

COCONUT GROVE - Travel to exotic locales with this tantalizing blend. Top notes of sweet sugary sandalwood and frangipani, middle notes of milky laka wood, and a base note of, coconut and spicy orchid


  • 13 oz of eco-friendly & slow burning coconut wax
  • 70+ hour burn time
  • 100% natural essential oil scents
  • 100% cotton ribbon wick

Customer Review:

"Bring on the sun! Summer Orchard smells amazing! Feeling so calm & fresh now. Can't wait to try the other scents too!"

Special Burning Tips For Coco Collection

These candles have been a huge hit and you will love them! But Coconut wax burns a bit hotter than soy wax, so you'll need to give them just a bit more attention when burning for longer periods.

Please keep in mind:

  • To avoid the glass container getting too hot, Coco Collection candles should not be burned for more than 4 hours

  • When your candle is getting towards the bottom of the jar you'll need to reduce the burn time - about 1 hour maximum is our recommendation when you're down to the bottom 3rd of container

  • Make sure to keep your wick trimmed nicely for best results (as with all candles)

  • Always burn on a fire safe surface (as with all candles)

  • On your first use, allow your candle to get a nice full wax pool across the top. This will keep it burning nicely in later sessions. 

  • Lids should not be used to extinguish flame. We suggest a candle snuffer to safely extinguish your candle when not in use.

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